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How Your Trophies are Processed …
the Ins and Outs
For United States Hunters
Purpose:  This page explains how your trophies are prepared, processed, crated, transported, and cleared into the United States by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and finally delivered to your home for display.

This is intended to be a seamless process for hunters using African Expressions Taxidermy.

Prep: Trophies are skinned per the hunter’s instructions for mounting.  After skinning, trophies are dried in a salt bed and on racks. Remember, that before you departed, you put down a Deposit for the taxidermy work.


Routinely picks up trophies and requisite documentation and transports to studio for mounting.  Approximately 8 months later the work will be completed and you will be notified by African Expressions Taxidermy of the balance due.  Once paid, the trophies are ready for shipment.

Crating and Shipping

SBS Logistics collects the trophies and requisite documentation and carefully packs and crates them for air shipment to the USA.  Colleen Stanley is the owner.  This is a real work of art in itself.  They are one of the best in the business.  Once crated, SBS notifies the client of packing, crating, and shipping fees.  Once paid, SBS delivers the crate(s) and requisite documentation to Delta Airlines for shipment to the US.  You will be given an Air Bill number so you can track the shipment on the Delta web site.


 SBS recommends that they insure the shipment.  They automatically insure the shipments for the value of the invoice African Expressions Taxidermy provides after final payment, plus the cost of the freight, plus 10%.  In this way should anything get damaged en route to destination they can claim. The insurance company will charge an excess of 1%  of the value claimed with a minimum of USD 250.

The hunter has to endorse the delivery note if there looks like any damages to the outside of the crate.  However he will not have time to inspect the contents, so he also needs to endorse the delivery note ”contents not checked.”  When he then opens the crate and finds damages he can advise the delivery company or trucking company or airline ,  depending on if he collected from the airline himself or it was delivered.  He will also need to advise SBS Logistics.  They will then put the insurers on notice that  a claim is pending.

Delta Airlines

Delivers crate and documentation via air freight and truck to nearest receiving airport.  You’ll know when shipment gets there by looking at web site or receiving phone call from air freight.

US Fish and Wildlife Service

USFWS issues permits and inspects the trophies and documentation at the air cargo receiving office.  There is a current fee of $135.00 for this.  The receiving entity, hunter or Broker, must have an import license to receive the trophies  (Import of Sport-Hunted Trophies) have filled out USFWS Form 3-177, Declaration for Importation or Exportation of Fish or WildlifeIn order to get the Import License you have to apply using USFWS Form 3-200-20…and there is a fee…the License is good for two years.  If you are good at paperwork and will continue to import trophies, go for it … otherwise, engage a Broker.  Finally, in most cases, USFWS Form 3-200-2, License/Permit Application Form: Designated Port Exception Permit is required.  CBP (Customs) will also have to clear your shipment after USFWS clears it (no fee).  You’ll owe local air freight $50 or so.


Takes care of everything required in Para 6, above, and arranges for cartageBroker does charge a fee.


Most crates can fit in the back of a dually pickup truck.  If you can’t borrow or rent one, hire a cartage (trucking) firm to truck the crate to your garage.  The Broker can arrange for cartage.  Depending on crate size and number of crates, the cartage firm will charge accordingly.

You, the Hunter

Here they are, in a crate, filling most of a bay of your garage.  Now you need a screw gun with Phillips bit, wood drills, masonry drills (maybe), stud finder, driving bits, and wall anchors and bolts.  Open crate, mount…and ENJOY!  Note…do not count on toggle anchors in wallboard to sustain mounts…you need solid backing.


Occasionally, a hunter will say that he “thought” shipping costs were included in the trophy fee.  In no way/place do we infer, imply, or state this.  It is impossible to determine the cost of shipping for a trophy in that costs vary according to destination, trophy mount, combined shipping pricing, and size of crate.

Shipping costs are not included in the trophy fee.